and I'm 40 and I find it terrifying -- not because I think I'm actually 40 but because statistically my life is halfway over and I cannot imagine being ready to die in another 40 years. (I also don't believe in gods or afterlives so it's a little worse for me than many, I guess. I think about death a lot.)

Maybe that's why I've been a little clingier with my younger friends these days -- I just went dancing last night at Friday Night Waltz with a group of friends from Google where I'm pretty sure I raised the average age by over 5 years as they are all mid-to-late 20's. The theme was 70's and 80's music and disco. At one point they did an Imperial March Waltz, and I was dancing with Ken, and as Richard Powers was mentioning how "well, it's not only the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever but it's also the 40th anniversary of Star Wars!" and I'm like "and the 40th anniversary of me too! ...wait, did you know that?"

Overall things were better at FNW than the last time I went there, but I brought a group of 5 people, and ran into 2-3 more people I knew there (including a coworker that I mostly think hates me, but we danced and it went well I think), so it wasn't nearly as scary. Though at one point I was kinda like, why doesn't anyone ask me to dance, and Ken was like "ok. stand up. and stop talking to us." and sure enough, a few seconds later someone asked me to dance. Go figure? I still think I might do better if I wore a dress and knew how to be confident, but hey, whatever. (Because like, Emily kept getting asked to dance by a ton of people, and she was wearing a dress and all.) Also, my feet were absolutely killing me after just the 2 hours of dance class beforehand. During one of the breaks, Akash was like "hey, there's birthday cake over in the kitchen," and I was like "I don't think I want to stand up to walk over for that right now..."

Today was DASH 9 -- for the past two years I've been playing DASH instead of running it. My team was me and Chris, and Sean, and Ken, and Yoyo. (Yeah, Ken and I both were out dancing until late and then had to be up and in Fremont by 9am to walk several miles. Shrug.) They held it in Fremont to help promote Fremont as a place to go, though I'm not sure they did a very good job of that; we basically started in a park and walked to a shopping center and back. My main impression I got out of Fremont of new things I saw was that WOW there are a lot of Indo-Chinese restaurants (which look awesome, I don't think I've ever been to one!), and there was an awesome-looking Bollywood theater. We had falafel for lunch at a place that was almost like Chipotle for falafel (you pick your format of wrap/bowl/etc, your protein, your flavor, etc, they assemble it). Also the park was full of a ton of bounce castle things.

No, but seriously, the puzzles were pretty good, even if we did blow through them what felt like fairly quickly (we were in the end 4th in Fremont and 12th worldwide). We had to assemble a 9-sided polyhedron by the end with a decoder for letters for alien glyphs, so that was pretty cool.

After all the solvings and stuff we went to Fenton's for ice cream. This turns out to have been a little bit silly now that I think about it, because we drove like 50 minutes north to get ice cream... I didn't realize how far it was from Fremont. Oops. I mean, it was still ice cream and it was still good. But maybe not worth 50 minutes of driving for 20 minutes of hanging out and eating ice cream.

I dunno, what else is up? There was a cool Star Wars concert at Google on Thursday. Chris and I had dinner with Shiue on Wednesday evening, and I was like, hey, if you don't have anything better to do Thursday, come to Google and have lunch! There'll be live music! So, I hosted Kevin for lunch, and invited Sheena and Nathaniel and such, and so we had a mini-cslounge lunch, and I ran into a lot of other friends out there, and Christina's in the orchestra (in the same section as my puzzle friend Richard, no less) and it was just generally fun to be outside listening to music with everyone! I felt a little bad because I have a whole bunch of work to get done in the next week or two before Google I/O, but I think it's important to have happy fun time with friends too, obviously.

And I mean, I was originally planning to come earlier to salsa rueda class and try out Level 3, but since I was working on I/O stuff, I skipped and just went to Level 2 as usual. Manny was calling/teaching again, but it was fairly balanced on leads/follows for once, oddly, so that was good too. We danced a bit after class for fun, then went to get dinner. There was an argentine tango milonga thing going on in CL4, so I went over there with a few people from salsa class, and basically stayed long enough to hear a little bit of the live music, and to dance a few tangoes with people I hadn't seen in a while from ballroom class (Kandarp, and Arnav, and I guess I danced with Cliff too who was at salsa). I don't think I feel any huge need to actually add argentine tango to my list of dance classes I do at Google, though maybe I should anyway, who knows.

Other weird stuff happened on Friday, but argh, it's now 1am and I should go to sleep soon. Fighters game is tied in the 11th inning and I likely can't/shouldn't stay up until the end of it.
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Today, the first thing I had to do was run an errand to Pacific Fabrics, where I picked up our tickets for Stitch'n'Pitch (and t-shirts, too. I hope we can make Josh and Cory wear them, heh). I asked if they had yarn in navy, silver, and teal colours (like the Mariners) but they didn't. So maybe I will just bring my scorecard to the game -- or maybe I'll find something else I can knit. I'm not sure.

The Mariners had a retarded loss today, but Kevin Millwood got the win, so I don't feel too terrible about it. I should be seeing him pitch this Friday when the Indians are in Seattle, too.

Benoit and I went walking around Greenlake again today, since it was light out and he could really see the plants and ducks and stuff. We went and visited the bunnies again, and we even saw ducklings at the lake (it's awfully late in the year for them). Unfortunately, my back was aching and the sun was pretty bright, or we might have rented a boat and gone canoeing or something... bleh, I really do want to do it sometime, just I'm so worried about throwing out my back again.

Hunger led me to give him a tour of Fremont, since I thought he should see the troll and all the other neighborhood artwork, and we had dinner at Costas Opa, which I have not been to in quite some time (like, since I had dinner there with wf08 and dl2n a year or two ago, and I really should call Will one of these days). Dinner was good, but next time I have to remember to just get moussaka and spanokopita and not bother with the combos, since I greatly dislike the meat-filled dolmathes and I don't really need the skewer stuff or the rice and veggies.

I took a weird route home, and it headed us so far west that we decided to stop off at Golden Gardens, where we watched the mountains and the water and the people and the dogs and the boats (really, it was quite beautiful, though we were too early for sunset). I found out that the little fish'n'chips place there has SOFT ICE CREAM!!! so I got a big big vanilla twist soft-serve cone, which made me extremely happy. I didn't think anywhere around here had soft-serve aside from foofy lowcal yogurt stuff.

And then to head off an already fun day we went swing dancing again! I ran into two CMU people there, even -- one was Kathryn, who was my stand partner my last year in Kiltie Band, and she's an intern at Amazon this summer, and so it was neat to run into her. And then I also ran into Jed Pickel, who says HI MEGAN! We were both really surprised to see each other there, but it was super-cool and I danced a few songs with him and we chatted and it was just cool to see an old friend. But other than that I didn't really dance with anyone but Benoit -- I did ask a few people and I got turned down twice and then I gave up. It was still fun anyway.

Tomorrow night I have to send Benoit back to Pittsburgh, and then go back to normal life... whatever "normal" means these days, I'm not really sure.
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Today Benoit and I went hiking out past North Bend, at Olallie State Park or whatever. I figured it sounded like a fairly nearby, fairly easy hike. It was neither, but that's okay.

We stopped at Uwajimaya on the way out to get lunch at Thai Spice, which was good, and then rode out I-90 to the park. There was no real ranger station, nor could we find a decent map of the trails, but somehow we figured out how to get to the Twin Falls trail. From the website it had sounded like a pretty easy hike, but it was actually fairly long and had a lot of up and downhill stuff, and took several hours.

The waterfall was pretty neat, though.

After that we came back here, showered and changed, and then went swing dancing!!! Wheeeeeeee. We went to the Century Ballroom, which I had never been to. It is scary and crowded, but overall the crowd seemed pretty good, a lot less like Wightman with all the skeezy old guys but contrariwise, more like everyone was several years younger than us. Benoit made me go dance with a bunch of strangers and so I did, and it was fun, except, like I said, the super-crowded floor made me pretty terrified to really swing or spin out or anything. Still, it was fun, and it is good to get back into the swing of things.

Oh, and I wore a skirt. We even took a picture or two as proof.

I walked back into the apartment dancing around and singing, "I feel sweaty... oh so sweaty... I feel sweaty, and skanky, and gross!"

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