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Monica ([personal profile] cellio) wrote in [personal profile] dr4b 2017-01-30 01:33 am (UTC)

There isn't a way to tell DW to match up an LJ OpenID with a corresponding DW account. So people who come to DW using the LJ OpenID account can read your stuff (if you haven't removed the LJ ID) and can comment, but can't post. Meanwhile, if those same people come to DW and use their DW accounts, they won't have access unless you grant it.

For example, when you imported you got cellio.livejournal.com on your list. I'm posting this as cellio (native DW), so cellio.LJ's privs don't mean anything.

What I'm doing is this: when I find a native DW account for someone I know from LJ, I subscribe and grant access for that account and then I drop the LJ account. I figure people with DW accounts are going to use them, like I do, and would only log in here using an LJ account if either they don't have DW accounts or they do but people haven't added them.

If you want to read LJ, you need to go there and log in. Once the dust settles, I'm going to drop (on LJ) the people who migrated here and are cross-posting -- I don't need to see those posts twice.

Looks like you got the cross-posting sorted out.

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