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jeliza ([personal profile] jeliza) wrote in [personal profile] dr4b 2017-01-24 10:52 pm (UTC)

I just migrated myself (more worried about LJ destabilizing since they are apparently bleeding paid members, particularly in Russia.) but cross-post back. And my favorite fan forum is on LJ, so I can't see myself leaving unless omona goes under.

In terms of adjusting, DW will have given read access to your friends via their LJ openid, but I haven't yet seen a way to tell it that an LJ openid matches up with a DW account, so anyone who is now over hear wouldn't have access to locked entries if they are logged in as their DW selves.

I used the "ljarchive" application to make a backup of everything, but still haven't figured out how I would then get the info back out of it in an actually useful way.

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