Deanna ([personal profile] dr4b) wrote2017-01-23 10:23 pm

Is this thing on? (aka, Dreamwidth)

I have been futzing around with Dreamwidth on and off for the last week or two. It turns out I was using such an archaic LJ style that pretty much nothing really looks like that anymore. I found something relatively close, though.

I still don't quite understand how things work between the two (ie, do I need to still use LJ to read LJ friends? And, if I post this here on DW, will there also be a post on LJ, or will it just exist here? (And if the former, not the latter, then why bother moving at all?)

Right now my DW import gave friends access to basically everyone who had friends access on LJ, but I'm thinking that only 1/7 of you are still honestly out there, so trying to figure out whether to just unfriend anyone who hasn't posted to LJ since, say, 2013? Not sure what makes sense there. I also know that some people have LJ accounts just to read friends pages and don't post themselves, so that might also be hard to evaluate.

I need to look into LJ archiving tools too. This is such a weird project in some ways. Sometimes I wonder if organizing digital journals is actually any easier than organizing paper journals.
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[personal profile] blk 2017-01-24 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
You still need to use LJ to read LJ friends, afaict. If you post on DW, you can crosspost to LJ or not. You can allow comments on LJ or not. The crossposting is pretty good, in fact, so edits you make here will propagate properly and such. I have readers on both, so for now I'm just crossposting.

I went through LJ last year and unfriended everybody who hadn't touched it in over, I think 2 years (looking for the later or when they last posted plus last time I saw a comment from them, thanks to gmail archive searching). I re-added only one in like 200 who was reading but hadn't commented or posting in that long.
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[personal profile] blk 2017-01-24 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes and no. It does mean commenting is fragmented. In general, people seem to be reading either LJ or DW but not both. When I created a DW reading list I went ahead and removed those people from my LJ reading list.

If I ever find that the number of LJ comments drops down low enough, I'll probably stop crossposting.