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backdate: glasses adventure

In mid-February we had a reorg at work, which had its own effects on my life.  But in addition to that I had a bit of a glasses adventure that week.  During our post-reorg all-hands that Thursday (Feb 18) I accidentally snapped my glasses frame -- one side was bent out of shape so I tried to bend it back and totally failed.  (No, I wasn't just so stressed out that I snapped the frame, though someone thought that at the time.)

Of course I don't have backup glasses, because I'm a relatively new glasses-wearer and really the only things I distinctly need them for are staring at a screen or reading faraway scoreboards at stadiums.  I have astigmatism.  I'm even legal to drive without them, though I have to admit it's been nice having signs be less blurry at a distance.

I called the optometrist office and told them what happened, and they were super nice and said that since the glasses were still under warranty, even though I snapped them, they'd order new frames and tell the manufacturer that they broke under normal circumstances.  Hooray!  New frames would come in on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'd just have to come by with the lenses and they'd put them in.

In the meantime, I kept using the glasses during work even though they were broken and only have one temple.  I mean, it turns out they balanced pretty well on my face as long as I'm not moving around.  If you didn't look closely you wouldn't even notice anything was weird about them; you might notice that yes, something is off.  You'd probably extrapolate an extra temple in there just because that's what you think should be there.

The next Monday, I did an idiotic thing.  I forgot that I had the glasses attached to my shirt (the collar, with just the one temple) and I went over to another nearby building.  I was visiting a few places in the building, and on my way back to my desk I noticed that, uh, I didn't have my glasses.  Huh.  Well, maybe I had been smart and left them at my desk.  No, I got back to my desk and they were gone.  In a panic, I ran back to the other building and retraced my steps.  Retraced them three times.  Asked a few people around if they'd seen a pair of broken glasses.  No dice.  Totally freaked out about this for like an hour.  Asked a friend in the other building to let me know if anything showed up on their building mailing list.

Finally having accepted that my optometrist was going to kill me for this, I planned to go to their office the next morning (Tuesday) to order two pairs -- a new one and a backup one, once and for all, so this silliness wouldn't happen again.  Except, I decided to stop by work first, rather than going straight to the eye doctor.  I thought that I hadn't actually checked the bathrooms in the other building, though I couldn't remember having stopped by -- also I thought there was a chance if someone found them, maybe they'd be around on the front desk or something.

Well, they weren't IN the building, but I found them on the ground outside the building on the grass!  I'm pretty sure someone found them and put them in a more visible spot, because I'm damn sure I didn't see them there when looking there the day before.  They were a bit more scratched up than before for sure, but still usable.  (There is a tiny blurry scratch spot on one lens, so yeah, I'll probably have to replace them eventually regardless.)

And then eventually on late Wednesday afternoon I called the optometrist after getting all freaked out, and the frames had just come in, so I went over to get them.  (It is convenient that my optometrist is really close to Google.)  And I went and ordered a new pair too.  Because duh.  I was really happy I didn't have to go over like "I LOST MY LENSES" after they were nice enough to order me new frames and all.

It's actually a little weird because I'm still wearing the old glasses regardless.  The new ones are shinier and have less dirt and scratches, but they don't feel quite right (they're a slightly different frame).  Still, it's nice to have backups.  And I'll be a lot more careful in the future.
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Man, after 13 years of no glasses, glasses are SO ANNOYING again. On the other hand, they keep my eyes from straining when I use computer screens or have very close work, so I'm happily putting up with them again.
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The LASIK is fine; I think my eyes are just getting older. I've been noticing mild eyestrain/headaches for a few years when sitting in front of the computer screen at work all day, and I noticed that it mostly goes away when I wear glasses. There's supposedly a very mild prescription, but I don't notice the difference without them. Probably more importantly is that they also have a new anti-screen-glare coating on them. I don't wear them much outside of work yet.

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As people get older, their eyes are less able to "accommodate" (change to see both far and near things). The eye muscles are at their most relaxed when you look at distant things, but when you look at nearby things, the muscles of the eye have to contract to bend the lens of the eye so you can see the nearby thing clearly. That's not a problem when you are young and the lens of your eye is flexible, but the lens keeps growing thicker throughout life and gets stiffer and harder to bend. That can lead to eyestrain as your muscles get tired. That's why around middle age, people with good far vision start needing reading glasses for close work like reading and computer time.

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I really enjoy Warby Parker. They are funky glasses for cheap. Not great for computers, but it's nice to change them for socializing. I've been wearing glasses for 25 years now and don't have any issues.